Our Pioneering Pay-For-Performance Business Model

pay_for_performance_coins.jpgWorking with YourAmigo is easy - in 2003 we became the first organic search marketing solutions company to pioneer the pay-for-performance business model, which our customers love.

There are no lock-in contracts, our business is transparent, and customers stay with us because they want to.

Here's Our Business Model Explained

  • Pay-for-performance, determined by industry standard categories ROI

  • No long-term contracts - terminate an agreement within 30 days

  • Unique and traceable Spider Linker™ URLs provide complete campaign visibility. YourAmigo's customers regard us as a variable cost of sales, allowing us to continuously work on growing their revenue through organic search, much like commissioned sales staff

  • YourAmigo's pay-for-performance model incentivizes us to maintain a high return from the traffic we generate

  • The interests of YourAmigo and our customers are completely aligned - to generate quality traffic that increases their revenue at a profitable ROAS

  • "Spider Linker™ gave us the capability to capture significant market share."
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