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organic_search_marketing_compass.jpgYourAmigo has a personal mandate - to change the way you think about how much revenue you can generate through organic search.

When people think of organic search, they think of SEO - we don't; we think of the large volumes of revenue that are possible through organic search, separate and incremental to SEO.Traditional SEO, or focusing on optimizing your existing pages (or in many cases only your most popular keywords) is, in our view, a micro way of thinking about organic search and how it can grow your revenues. Ranking highly on only a few keywords or the names of your products through SEO is limiting the volume of traffic and revenue that can be captured through organic search. This is because each searcher is unique - even for the same product each searcher typically uses different keywords to express what they are seeking to purchase.

Google Search Personalization will certainly have a major impact on the traditional measurement of SEO success -with personalization switched on, reporting on rankings on your 20 most popular keywords will no longer be accurate.

The most accurate and, in our view, macro way, is to measure organic search as a new revenue channel and focus on how you can generate huge volumes of new revenue at your target ROAS (return on advertising spend), while being able to improve the user experience and; measure the results down to the last penny.

Our Spider Linker™ service establishes a separate online marketing channel by using a unique portfolio of marketing services which enables large sites to capture massive volumes of new, untapped traffic and new sales.  Searcher and user behaviors have changed dramatically over the last few years, and if organizations want to be at the forefront of their marketplace, then their organic search activity must become more  pervasive and more relevant to all searchers, not just a few, and also must focus on improving the user experience.   In these ways, not only will you attract significantly more relevant traffic to your site through organic search, but the average order values and conversions will increase, as will the volume of your overall online business. 

A revolution in organic search - Search Engine Enhanced Content (SEEC™) - A key part of the Spider Linker™ service, YourAmigo's SEEC™ capability is unique to YourAmigo.  Developed in 2006, SEEC™ has revolutionized organic search by enabling Customers to attract multiples of new qualified searchers and buyers through millions of new, relevant search terms.   With YourAmigo's search engine experts able to access millions of pages of real-time proprietary searcher behaviour data, and SEEC's unique, scalable technology to create thousands of new pages, matching millions of different, relevant organic search phrases, customers are seeing new sales within a few days of going live.

Artificial Intelligence - achieving all of these things is not trivial.  The key to doing so is unique artificial intelligence technology, large amounts of organic search data and the ability to mine, measure and adapt to this data in a scalable way. YourAmigo has this data and collects new data daily through approximately 60 million multi-lingual web pages under management.  This allows YourAmigo to proactively respond to changes in search engine and searcher behaviour and ensure that content is being improved to ensure better searcher relevance, higher rankings, more value for users, enhanced usability and, ultimately, large increases in traffic and revenue.

What We Achieve

In short, Spider Linker™ adds value to your business, real, tangible value that is completely traceable and easy to implement. We create a new, unique and separate sales channel that is separate, but complementary to your current SEO and other online marketing efforts.

We work with you to understand your business, where you are making or losing money on your website, and structure our pay-for-performance pricing to achieve your set target ROAS with an ROI-positive result. We apply Spider Linker's portfolio of value-added services to thousands or even millions of unique, new web pages we create, including contextual merchandising, product reviews, the ultra long tail and top-seller suggestions, for free, all geared towards giving the user a better experience and you the most sales possible.

Increase Traffic And Sales

Through Spider Linker™, YourAmigo analyzes billions of actual user's keywords, and creates new, more relevant content pages which previously didn't exist. We also analyze searcher behavior, to ensure that our unique Spider Linker™ content is presented optimally for the user and to maximize sales.

The scalability, intelligence and speed to market of Spider Linker's sophisticated technology is providing millions of dollars in new sales for YourAmigo's customers through organic search.

Not blocking customers' content - importantly, YourAmigo's customers enjoy the benefits of incremental revenue from Spider Linker because, unlike other vendors, we do not require customers to block any of their native site product content and lose the benefit of whatever revenue was being generated by that content.

Google and Bing - Unique Content Maximizes Revenue - Bing's algorithm is very different to Google's algorithm, which is forcing online retailers to take heed and prepare for adjusting their site's organic search approach in the coming months and years. Some industry experts claim Bing will be the preferred Search Engine to more than 30% of the searcher audience by the end of 2010. This is important because Spider Linker™ actually understands the various nuances between Google and Bing. The differences are significant enough to warrant special attention and content creation for each of these search engines.

Let us help you understand the significance of this and show you how we are helping our customers further maximize their sales in organic search through Google and Bing.

Pay For Real Results

A major benefit of Spider Linker™ is that our solution is a pay-for-performance service that generates huge volumes of new ROI-positive revenue. Spider Linker™ is providing a boost in new revenues in 4 weeks and is uniquely traceable, so it can be measured separately from other online marketing programs.

Get Started Straight Away

Most of our new customers don't believe us when we tell them it will only take approximately one hour on their side to implement Spider Linker™  -  they are used to long delays in getting on the schedule of their busy IT team. But that's all it takes, approximately one hour of IT time in your company, and we take care of the rest.

And yes, we deliver on results straight away - we have to, not only because we don't have fixed-term contracts and you can cancel on 30 days notice, but because we stand by our reputation as the global leader in organic search marketing.

"Where's The Catch?"

We hear this a lot, as well as, "It sounds too good to be true"! We like to hear that. There is no catch. And our business model ensures we stand by our offering. There is no substitute for YourAmigo, because we offer a huge volume of incremental sales at your target ROAS without any impact on your existing online marketing activities.

Organic Search Marketing

"Spider Linker™ generates 31% of my total online sales."
VP Worldwide eCommerce
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